The call for applications for the new edition of PriMed, the International Festival of Mediterranean documentary and news films was opened until April 20th, 2017.


Also for this year we recieved a lot of films. The participation is in constant increase, sign that the Mediterranean Sea is in the center of the world media attention. Our team is preparing the preselection of movies with the constitution of a jury of selection.

The list of the selected movies will soon be published line.

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The PriMed, International Festival of Mediterranean Documentary film  and reportage is an international competition that takes place every year. It is designed for audiovisual productions in the specific area of documentary films, courrent affair  and investigations films dealing with issues of cultural  Mediterranean area from the Atlantic coast to the shores of the Black Sea.

The PriMed aims to promote and reward programs whose quality and creativity, both in content and in art forms, are remarcable. This event is open to all television organizations (public or private), production structures (public, private or associations), writers, directors, journalists and documentary filmmakers who, through their works and their programs, want to participate to a better understanding of the Mediterranean history, cultures and traditions.

The PriMed is finalized to promote mutual knowledge and professional exchanges. This Price is also an opportunity for an annual meeting between audiovisual professionals and it contributes to develop dialogue and cooperation between all countries of the Mediterranean


The PriMed is open to all film makers, television and production companies who, through their programmes or films, are part of the process of cultural exchange between countries of the Mediterranean basin in its widest sense, from the Atlantic to the Black Sea.
The works presented should be about the culture, heritage, history, societies and life of the men and women living in Mediterranean countries. They must not contain any form of advertising or propaganda. Each work can only be entered for one category, and the choice must be clearly indicated in the registration form.

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PriMed’s awards

Grand Prix “Mediterranean Challenges”: this prize is given to the best film (documentary or current affairs film) on a current Mediterranean subject, lasting more than 30 minutes. It picks out productions which improve our understanding of the present situation in the Mediterranean and rewards a director’s skill at questioning events and putting them into perspective, as well as his capacity to listen to the principal characters.
“Mediterranean Memories” : this prize rewards the documentary lasting more than 30 minutes, which – with or without archives – most successfully places in a present-day context historical events concerning the Mediterranean, stories of men and women, whether individual or collective, or places of symbolism and memory.
“First Film” : this award recognizes the talent of a film maker who made no more than three films. Works produced as part of a school or training can also compete. Running time must exceed 30 minutes.
“Mediterranean Art, Heritage and Cultures” : this prize rewards the documentary film lasting more than 30 minutes, which highlights the region’s artistic life (music, plastic arts, live theatre, visual arts), its heritage (sites, monuments, works of art, archaeology, architecture) and other instances of Mediterranean culture (folklore and traditions).
“Investigative Documentary”: this award is for the best currents affairs film, the best investigation which gets to the heart of an event, past or present, within the Mediterranean region. The duration of the work must exceed 30 minutes.
Special Jury Award, all categories together. This prize rewards a film that has not received any other prize but which the jury considers of special merit.
Young Persons Award , given by a jury of schoolboys. It rewards one of the films chosen between one of the category of the PriMed (category to determine).
“Mediterranean Short Doc” : this award is for a documentary or a currents affairs film – lasting less than 30 minutes – whose subject is about Mediterranean area.
“Mediterranean Multimedia”: this prize rewards the web-documentary or POM (Petite OEuvre Multimédia / Little Multimedia Object) about Mediterranean subjects. A web-documentary is a documentary production made for and available on the Web, using pictures, texts, sounds, videos, in an interactive dimension. The POM (Petite Oeuvre Multimédia / Little Multimedia Object) is a video production which combines photographer, filmmaker, web designer, sound designer and illustrator. This is a video editing animating the images, giving them a third dimension and with a direct approach to the subject. These awards are for the directors and authors of the work concerned.

Broadcasting Awards
In addition, broadcasting awards may be given by representatives of the television companies and are entirely at their discretion. They will be chosen from amongst any of the films in the final selection. The broadcast of any work thus rewarded has to be agreed individually between the broadcaster and the makers of the film. The same film cannot win more than two awards (except for the broadcasting award).

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