logo-inaThe CMCA and the INA Méditerranée launch the new edition of the training about using archives material for news. This workshop is organized from 3rd till 10th July 2017 and is intended for the journalists and the directors of the televisions members of the CMCA.

Developed in association with the Ina Méditerranée this training aims at sensitize the participants in preservation of the audiovisual heritage in the Mediterranean Sea and at supplying them useful skills in the journalistic story of subjects with archives.

After 2 days of theoretical lessons about the preservation and the analysis of the audiovisual archives, the participants will realize a short report from a corpus of archives images. The theme of this year is ” Sporting stories in Marseille ” in connection with the event Marseille Provence Capitale Européenne du sport 2017.

The trainees will have the opportunity to make a shooting with a professional camera and finalize the video editing. An initiation to video shooting is organized before the filming of the reports.

Shearde aims :

– Make people aware of the audiovisual heritage in the Mediterranean area through training programmes..
– Acquire the skills necessary for choosing, then writing journalistic items from material in audiovisual archives.
– Learn how to make a short report from archive material provided by INA and the television companies affiliated to the CMCA.

Intended public :

Journalists and professionals with at least 3 years’ experience, coming from television, from the networks of the CMCA..

training ina cmca participantsProjet description :

Day 1 : working with audiovisual archives (INA Mediterranée)
Day 2 to 3 : writing using archive material, the legal aspect, watching the archive material, writing subjects (NA Mediterranée)
Days 4 to 5 : Training on video-camera and shooting reportage  (local CMCA)
Day 6 : Editing
Day 7 to 8 : Mixing and viewing (local CMCA)

■ Get to know what is in an audiovisual archive, the principles of conervation and preservation
■ To Learn how to evaluate the archive material
■ To Know the principal technical and legal restrictions when using archival images
■ To Become aware of narrative construction in a subject which uses archive material
■ To understand how to construct a short item, how to tell a story using existing material by INA – MEDMEM Audiovisual archives.
■ To learn video-reporting and shooting on video camera

Place :
MARSEILLE, in the offices of the CMCA and INA Méditerranée.


Teachin Environment  :

■ People from INA working in preservation of audiovisual archives
■ Professional news report writers
■ Access to a body of shared archive images on the subject chosen.

Material provided: editing equipment, Video cameras, documentation about the chosen subject

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