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The CMCA is an information source for all the professionals of the broadcasting in the Mediterranean Sea. Its newsletter Méditerranée-Audiovisuelle is read by 10.000 subscribers.
Since September, 2015 a new web site was create to inform better the Internet users with an improved interactivity.

mediterraneeaudiovisuelle1The web site allows to display all the news about broadcasting in the Mediterranean Sea with a simple arborescence based on 5 thematic sections (Life of channels, cinema, festivals, producers, euro – mediterranean). The net surfer can also find the articles by using the interactive map of Mediterranean countries or regions.

A special section is dedicated to festivals of Mediterranean films, the user can discover all these events by montly ranking. A link allows to reach the web site of the festival.

Other news: the Internet users will also have the possibility of reaching the section CALLS FOR APPLICATIONS where they can find all the application forms to inscribe movies to festivals or to partecipate to  workshops, coproduction and broadcasts projects in the euro-Mediterranean region.

Concerning archives the HISTORIC page gives you the possibility of finding the entire numbers published since the creation of the newsletter in September, 2001. All the former numbers of ” Méditerranée Audiovisuelle ” are on-line, in pdf version and available to be downloaded and printed. It is an exceptional archive about the history of broadcasting in the Mediterranean region.

Méditerranée is edited in 3 languages (French, English and Arabic), the Internet users can write directly in the editorial staff by using the special contact form. To develop more interactivity the published articles are rerun on our social networks.

The website  has also a page Facebook ⇒ Méditerranée Audiovisuelle.

Every 2 weeks a newsletter is sent to the subscribers with a selection of new articles.

Méditerranée : better inform to cooperate better!



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