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The founding fathers of CMCA

A message from the founding fathers, about the necessity of audiovisual cooperation in the Mediterranean

Roland Faure and Jacques Matthey-Doret

Roland Faure and Jacques Matthey-Doret*

All aboard !

Feeder sea of culture, the Mediterranean Sea shows itself probably the most lavish, the deepest, the most restless.

The site where you enter, b> Mediterranean Center of the Audiovisual/b Communication > has been dedigned to communicate about the Mediterranean Sea.
By his base of Marseille, with the support of his broadcasting professional partners and with the support of local institutional, the CMCa has the task for more than twenty years to feed the ambition to offer a “cultural” quay for big boardings.

The starting point where a new Odyssey starts to discover a new original trip between sounds, images, texts. All the Mediterranean will be the actors of this journey to communicate their experiences to the rest of the world.

*Jacques Matthey-Doret died on monday April the 1st 2013.

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