The CMCA and INA Méditerranée are launching registrations for the 17th edition of the “Writing of reporting based on archives” training. This workshop scheduled for June 10 to 15, 2024 is intended for journalists and directors from CMCA member television stations.

Developed in collaboration with Ina Méditerranée, the training aims to raise participants’ awareness of the conservation of audiovisual heritage in the Mediterranean and to provide them with the skills useful for the journalistic narration of subjects based on archives.

Various specialists from Ina will give courses on the conservation of audiovisual archives, documentation work and issues related to copyright. A journalist from France Télévisions will host a masterclass on the use of archives in the editing of a television news program.

After these theoretical courses, participants will produce a short report as a team based on a corpus of archive images. The trainees had the opportunity to practice the professional use of the camera and smartphone as well as actively participate in video editing.

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