Film submissions for PriMed 2022 are closed, many of you have registered your works for the preselection, we thank you for your trust. The selection of films is underway, the list of documentaries that will participate in the final phase will be published from after mid-June.

Le PriMed – International Festival of Mediterranean Documentary and Reportage is an international competition that takes place every year. It is designed for audiovisual productions in the specific area of documentary films, courrent affair and investigations films dealing with issues of cultural Mediterranean area from the Atlantic coast to the shores of the Black Sea.
The PriMed aims to promote and reward programs whose quality and creativity, both in content and in art forms, are remarcable. This event is open to all television organizations (public or private), production structures (public, private or associations), writers, directors, journalists and documentary filmmakers who, through their works and their programs, want to participate to a better understanding of the Mediterranean history, cultures and traditions.

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