The Mediterranean Film Festival is coming to its 23rd edition and offers to the public more than 40 hours of free screenings. Most of the sessions will be followed by a discussion with the directors present.

Find here the schedule of all screenings (Bibliothèque Alcazar and Mucem) > Programme PriMed 2019

Created in 1994, the PriMed, International Festival for Mediterranean Documentary and Reportage, is a festival dedicated to audiovisual productions – in the specific field of documentary and reporting – dealing with the issues of the Mediterranean cultural area in a large sense, from the Atlantic coast to the shores of the Black Sea. It is organized by the CMCA (Mediterranean Center for Audiovisual Communication).

primed 2019
Poster of PriMed 2019
by J. Gerbault

The PriMed, a veritable audiovisual week in the Mediterranean, aims to promote and reward programs whose quality and creativity, both in terms of content and artistic forms, are privileged. This event is open to all TVs, production organizations, writers, directors, journalists and documentary filmmakers who, through their works and programs, contribute to a better knowledge of the Mediterranean, its history, its cultures and traditions. The PriMed also offers an opportunity for an annual meeting between audiovisual professionals and thus contributes to dialogue and cooperation between all the countries of the Mediterranean basin.

Each year, the CMCA receives an average of 450 films from 35 different countries. Almost 6,000 films received since the festival’s inception, more than 370 of which have been selected. Since the creation of the PriMed, nearly 40 films have received a broadcast award.- The PriMed welcomes more than 6000 spectators every year.

History of PriMed

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