TRT Español

Turkish public broadcaster TRT presented its new digital news platform at the first TRT broadcast summit with Spanish-speaking countries on April 25-26 in Istanbul.

Organized by the Turkish Broadcasting Corporation (TRT), the event was themed “Mapping broadcasting strategies for Turkey and Spanish-speaking countries in the digital era.” It saw a large participation of Latin American ambassadors, executives and journalists from 18 Spanish-speaking countries, including Spain, Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Venezuela , Guatemala, Ecuador and Bolivia, as well as Latin American and Spanish students studying in Turkey.

Under the slogan “The place where people matter,” TRT Español aims to cover news in the Spanish-speaking world and tell compelling stories from Turkey, Latin America, Spain and around the world. As emphasized by the Director General of TRT, Prof. Mehmet Zahid Sobacı, the ambition of this platform is to attract public attention to the political, economic, social and cultural problems of Spanish-speaking countries, through the prism of human-centered TRT.

The summit program included round tables on numerous topics including enrichment and mutual understanding through Turkish and Spanish-speaking series.

At the same time, an international journalism workshop was held on April 25. Participants addressed key issues such as the reality of impartial journalism, the role of media in international relations, perceptions and stereotypes, uncovered stories, harnessing storytelling in the digital age, etc.

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