The CMCA organized the 6th session of the workshop “New Writings and New Media” from 1st till 5 February 2016 This training program is dedicated to the journalists of the partner televisions of the CMCA.

Having done a theoretical training course about Web and an initiation into the techniques of the Web-documentary and its derivates, the participants passed in the practice by realizing a subject cross-media which is intended to feed the Web-documentary «Marseille-Multimédia-Méditerranée» (pilot projet).

Once gone into their respective countries the trainees will be in charge of realizing a subject cross-media about one of the districts of their cities. This subject will participate in the creation and in the development of the contents of the Web-documentary to create a multimedia map of the main districts of the most important Mediterranean cities.

During this training the journalists worked on three new districts of Marseille (Camas, Joliette, Saint-Victor).

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