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Awatef Dali Imed Barboura

Awatef DALI and Imed BARBOURA

On October 25th Télévision Tunisienne’s acting CEO, Majid Mraihi, announced changes at the top of the country’s

Awatef DALI and Imed BARBOURA
Awatef Dali takes over from Iheb Chaouch as director of Wataniya 1, while Imed Barboura is appointed head of Wataniya 2, replacing Chadia Boukdhir.
A graduate in international economic relations, information technology and political communication, Awatef Dali has been a journalist at Télévision Tunisienne since 1994. In particular, she produced and presented health programmes on Wataniya 1. Among other things Imed Barboura presented the main news on Wataniya 1 before becoming Wataniya 2’s Editor-in-Chief.
Sources: Mediterranee-audiovisuelle.com

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