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The CMCA will organize from 13th to 17th March 2017 a new session of the training ” New writings and new media “ intended for the journalists of the TV, editorial staffs and WEB having at least 3 years old of experience. The trainees must come from the Mediterranean area and they must work for CMCA’s televisions members.The workshop aims at training journalists in the new narrative forms, in the using of the social networks for televisions, and in developing techniques for  Web-documentaries and other media tecnologies.

The trainees will contribute to the creation and to the development of the contents of the Web-documentary “Marseille-Multimédia-Méditerranée”. The basic idea, is to create an interactive mapping of the main Mediterranean metropolises.

During the training the journalists will work on the districts of Marseille. To take advantage of  their internship, back home, they will have to realize cross-media a subject  on a district of their own city. The content  will be added by the CMCA to the Web-documentary.


Find here the presentation of the training >> Présentation version pdf

Visit here our webdocumentary (only french) >> Marseille-Multimédia-Méditerranée


For more details and for subscriptions please contact : cmca@cmca-med.org

découvrez ici notre webdocumentaire


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