The Mucem in collaboration with the CMCA is organizing the screening of the film La terre passe by Anne RAVEAU and Nicolas TRAVAUX, Sunday January 28 at 3 p.m., G. Tillion auditorium.
The session is part of the Cine-Dimanche program, including two films exploring the themes of identity, exile and relations between Marseille and Algeria.

Voici le programme

Session followed by a discussion with the painter Denis Martinez.

by Nicolas Travaux and Anne Raveau (France, 2019, 14 min)
A moving map of France, with Algerian cities, printed in large format in different locations in Marseille, highlights the difficulties in approaching Franco-Algerian relations. The reactions are spontaneous, diverse and often lively. At the same time, groups of 2 or 3 people in emblematic places in Marseille react to the map. Initially spontaneous, the comments developed in front of the map are gradually structured around personal and intimate, or general and historical, visions.

In partnership with Primed, as part of the promotion of the festival.

by Jean-Pierre Lledo (France, 1999, 1h)

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