Moussa Maaskri is the sponsor of 20th edition of PriMed. The announcement was made at the press conference on Friday 14 October. The French-Algerian actor and scripwriter will attend the awards ceremony Friday, November 25, 2016 at the Villa Mediterranéé from 17h30.

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moussa-maaskri_primedMoussa MAASKRI, French-Algerian actor and writer born in Chelghoum Laïd, grew up in the Marseille neighborhood. He made his stage debut at the Theatre of the Auction in the early 1990s, in different theatre plays directed by Marcel Maréchal. He started to the cinema in 1995 with a dealer role in Bye Bye by Karim Dridi. In 1999, he played a gas station attendant in Mondialito, which he co-wrote with the director Nicolas Wadimoff. With this film he won the Best Actor Award at the Tokyo Festival.

He uses to play the difficult roles, hard or bad boys, as in Truands by Federic Schoendoerffer, or The French by Cédric Jimenez. He also appeared in several productions, including Deux Frères by Jean-Jacques Annaud and Luc Besson’s Malavita.

He received Best Actor Award in 2015 at the Los Angeles Film Festival  for her role in the short film Sur un fil directed by Nicolas Lugli.

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